Trap Find, LLC’s Introduction to Hidden Compartments in Motor Vehicles course
was developed to provide law enforcement officers nationwide with the knowledge
to easily identify and interdict electronically operated hidden compartments.
After learning then applying our techniques, officers will see their searches
become more thorough and their seizures become more significant.
Historically, seizures from concealed compartments have revealed weapons, drugs,
and currency; let Trap Find, LLC show you the way to your first significant seizure!


One of Trap Find's key class program subjects

Hidden Compartments Case Law

Briefly cover case law about the presence of hidden compartments in motor vehicles, and how these laws will aid your investigation or traffic stop — giving you a broader understanding and education regarding hidden compartment detection and investigation.


Searching techniques proven to be effective

Hidden Compartment Detection

Students will learn simple, yet effective, search techniques that have been proven to be successful in hidden compartment detection time and time again. They will also learn how to access a hidden compartment without damaging the vehicle or compartment itself.


Vital intra-agency intelligence sharing

The Impact of a Network

Your job does not end when you locate that hidden compartment and the contraband it contains. In fact, your job has just started. Students will learn how to effectively pass vital police intelligence about their seizure to other agencies. Thus, aiding further criminal detentions and contraband detections.


Founded by Lenny Cottrell (Lieutenant, ret.) and T.J. Cullen (Anti-Crime Detective, active) in 2014. Between them, they have over 40 years of LE experience in New Jersey and have located numerous hidden compartments in motor vehicles resulting in thousands of arrests and millions of dollars seized.